Our Story

When the world went into lockdown, we moved 20 minutes from the city back to Flo's Cotswold family dairy farm. Over several nights, we got chatting about plant-based eating and where the future of British farming fits into that story.

British oats are world-renowned, and they've long been grown on our organic family farm. We wanted to build on this rich – and personal – agricultural history to create an oat drink with real provenance. That's when Rogue Oat was born.

A 'Rogue Oat' is a farming term for an oat growing in an unexpected place. We felt an oat drink that sprouted on a dairy farm – a place you'd be surprised to find it – is just that. For us, this is one more way that we can progress as farmers.

It's time for us to go Rogue.
Flo and Joe